Primus is an approved TXDOT contractor

The Texas Department of Transportation Technical Assistance Program (TAP) is designed to provide free business development and technical industry training to DBE’s in the highway construction industry to enhance the skills necessary to bid and perform on Department contracts. As a result of the Department’s industry needs assessment through its DBE’s, the Department recognized the need to expand its TAP program to include financing and bonding services.

The Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program was created to provide a level playing field for small minority and women-owned companies wanting to do business with the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) and other agencies receiving federal funds from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

As a valuable TxDOT DBE client, you are eligible to take many different training courses for the purpose of becoming a more competitive bidder for TxDOT contracts.

Cash Flow Solutions Workshop
Is too much of your money tied up in 30 to 60 day terms to your customers while at the same time, labor, materials and overhead costs all have to be met? Under these conditions, most businesses can only grow by frugal management of their cash flow. Unfortunately such constrictions will only take your business so far. 
With our cash flow funding solutions we can convert your outstanding receivables and future collections into cash, right now. 

Government Contracts: An Inside Look At Getting The Business

Small business suppliers are a vital part of America’s government contracting force supplying $500 billion worth of goods and services. However, doing business with the government can be confusing if you don’t understand the rules. Our seminars are designed to help you maneuver through this maze and emerge with a clear understanding of what it takes, not only to do business with government agencies, but to do it successfully. Learn from folks who work the system every day.